Case Studies

NRCS Mission Support Administrative Services Portal

Creative assisted National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in providing an administrative services portal that helps to address the need for a services application that would reach across all regions, national centers, state offices and and local service centers. There was a high degree of effort required in providing its’ 12,000 employees with the level of administrative services that provided timeliness, accountability, and ease of use. Through Creative’s extensive focus on User Centered Design, NRCS expectations were exceeded through our methodology of Explore, Ideate, Design and Validate.

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Creative developed the Cloud technology based Work Request Tracking application for Agricultural Research Services (ARS) Administrative and Financial Management (AFM) Division. Creative worked with AFM leadership to review the business processes and recommended the approach to change the routing of these work requests from individuals to a group of specialists. It reduced over 1500 routing rules to less than 50 queues that are now monitored by the functional area specialists. We developed the solution using to manage 100+ work request types/cases.

USDA Office of Operations

Operating System for Customer Access and Reporting (OSCAR) is a suite of applications that provides comprehensive Facility Management Service to Office of operations within USDA. OSCAR was selected as Secretary's Signature Business Process Improvement Initiative.

Data Calls

Administrators and users save hours of time by responding to survey in a couple of minutes. They are able to view the data as reports and know the status of the survey by click of a button. Data is maintained consistently and in a single repository. The ability to follow up with users in a couple of seconds without spending time and effort from the Admin side. All these make the user experience delightful!

USDA National Information Technology Center

Creative has developed the Cloud technology based application for National Information Technology Center (NITC) to manage all its data processing facilities, operation services agreements, and customer interaction.

USDA Forest Service

Creative enabled Forest Service to migrate 40 applications to the Cloud environment and shut down over 200 physical servers saving several hundred thousand dollars. Also, we helped with the implementation of DevOps and Continuous Integration processes that will result in significant savings over the next five years by enabling rapid deployment of applications.