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Leveraging Salesforce to Systematically Manage Surveys

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  • At the government side there are multiple surveys that are conducted during each quarter of the year. Currently these created as excel sheet with questions in a tabular format by the Administrator in charge of conducting the survey and are circulated among the required invitees. These invitees manually fill in the information in excel document with the answers and share it back as attachments through email.


  • Tedious to maintain manual multiple manual copies of document.
  • Inconsistent formats /data as user fills in the data manually.
  • Required questions may not be answered as there no validations in place.
  • Difficult to track manually who has responded and who has not.
  • Difficult to follow up with users who have not responded.
  • Inability to reuse earlier surveys for following quarters.
  • Hundreds of users might have to be manually added to the email to mail the attachment.
  • Difficulty collecting statistics from the survey as a dashboard/report.
  • Manually have to create multiple questions.
  • Administrator may lose data due to storage issues in local system.
  • Difficulty in communicating clearly if a survey has to be cancelled
  • Unclear for the invitee if the survey is past due date.
  • Invitee has to manually search for documents/answers from older surveys.
  • Inability to access survey conveniently from mobile devices.


Data Call diagram

Creative Systems and Consulting architected and configured a Salesforce custom solution for a systematic management of these surveys. Some of the key features of this application:

  • A single survey needs to be created which can be shared among thousands of users.
  • Systematic creation of the questions through user friendly screens.
  • Consistency in data filled in by the users achieved through validations.
  • Mandatory questions cannot be skipped by the user.
  • Ease in tracking responses received.
  • Ease in following up with the users who have not responded by click of a button.
  • Ability to create distribution lists with hundreds of users.
  • Dashboards available to get a concise view of the status of the survey.
  • Ability to view the data as reports as and when the users fill in Data.
  • Ability to reuse surveys by a click of a button.
  • Easy to cancel a survey.
  • Responding users can easily know if a survey is closed.
  • Ability for Admin to send multiple reminders to close the survey on time.
  • Single repository for all surveys, ease in searching surveys.
  • Data stored in the Cloud with no risk of losing data from local system.
  • Convenience of responding to surveys from mobile devices.


Administrators and users save hours of time by responding to survey in a couple of minutes. They are able to view the data as reports and know the status of the survey by click of a button. Data is maintained consistently and in a single repository. The ability to follow up with users in a couple of seconds without spending time and effort from the Admin side. All these make the user experience delightful!

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