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Operating System for Customer Access and Reporting (OSCAR) Provides Comprehensive Facility Management Service

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The USDA Headquarters Complex includes 14.1 acres of grounds and two buildings containing approximately 2.5 million square feet of space as well as the USDA-owned, George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) that comprises 350,000 gross square feet, located on 45 acres. The Office of Operations (OO) has the lead responsibility for managing the complex.

The OO’s objective is to provide a safe and secure facility infrastructure and administrative services in the National Capital Region (NCR). Additionally, OO provides support in the areas of engineering, architecture, space management, internal energy conservation, recycling, sustainable practices, physical security, occupational safety, and health. This results in improvement of the quality of work life for USDA employees.


Given the broad mission of OO, it provides over 50 services to USDA employees. Prior to 2012, OO lacked a technical solution that could seamlessly deliver these services to USDA employees. Further, there was no way to track the performance of the organization or to demonstrate the effectiveness of OO services. Each service was delivered in a silo and one part of OO was not aware of the decisions or services offered by other part.


OSCAR – Operating System for Customer Access and Reporting (OSCAR) is a suite of applications that provides comprehensive Facility management service to Office of operations within USDA. OSCAR offers self-service via a customer portal that supports integrated and seamless customer service.

OSCAR automated over 35 business services delivered by Office of Operations. Based on its impact to the Office of Operations, multiple modules within OSCAR were selected as Secretary's Signature Business Process Improvement Initiative.

OSCAR was implemented in four distinct phases, each phase built on top of the other to add automation for new services and building enhancements to existing services.

As part of OSCAR IV - Creative delivered many innovations for delivery and tracking of preventative maintenance of over 20,000 mechanical and electrical equipment in USDA headquarters. Additionally, we delivered checklist automation for conducting mobile surveys of the building and cafeteria. Prior to OSCAR IV implementation, an employee would survey a building, area or previous work for everything from cleanliness to completeness of work performed. If they found a deficiency during their assessment, they would write it on a form and continue to the next review. Hours later they would return to their desk, review their notes and enter work orders for corrective action by support personnel.

Using OSCAR IV and the mobile capabilities an inspector can enter deficiencies real time on a mobile device (IPAD), take pictures of points of interest or concern, automatically launch a work order and route to a service provider to take corrective action immediately. This eliminates hours of delay and creates a highly responsive support team.

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