May 21, 2020

Creative Hires Leading IT Strategy Executive As Chief Innovation Officer

CIO post

Kathryn Hoffman, Creative’s new Chief Innovation Officer, brings more than 20 years of IT business and product strategy experience to Creative. Ms. Hoffman has held leadership positions at some of the largest IT solutions providers, including SAIC and Raytheon. Most recently, she served as a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Ms. Hoffman will drive change and new growth of new product and service offerings by Creative. By infusing a product development management approach into the company’s practice areas and cultivating innovative capabilities, Creative will continue to grow their already robust product portfolio to open new opportunities furthering Creative’s highly successful Federal IT solutions-based business.

Ms. Hoffman will focus on building and delivering on the key principles behind innovation - opening the aperture of strategic vision, creating networks, harnessing technology partners and in-house innovators in idea capture and development, leveraging the right incentives, while building and running an effective, transparent, and efficient innovation management and development process. “We are very excited to have Kathy on the team. She is an expert at identifying key IT trends and creating transformative solutions and products to take to market,” explains Vishal Khera, President of Creative Systems and Consulting. “As the organization continues to grow, Kathy’s leadership will ensure Creative remains at the forefront of technology innovation.”

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