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Agile Development

Creative's adaptive agile approach includes several plays from the OMB’s Digital Services Playbook (DSP). In addition to getting high quality deliverables on time and within budget, this also allows our Federal Government customers to be compliant with the DSP. We regularly collaborate with our customers to build the product backlog and understand their value proposition so we prioritize delivery of functionality and features that are more valuable for our customers. Customers stand to gain a lot from our approach where we iteratively build the product, conduct regular and frequent product/application demos, and fine tune features throughout the Sprints to give the users what they need. Our interactions with our customers focus on their needs. We have integrated Design Thinking into our Agile framework which has enabled us create valuable understanding of and interactions with our users and made us a responsive and flexible organization that is sensitive to the needs of our users.

Customers are at the forefront of all programs and projects that Creative delivers on. In line with our customer-centric approach, we choose the most appropriate agile framework that would help meet the business objectives of our customers. We have experience with several different agile frameworks that we can choose from. Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe® are at the forefront of our agile practices, with other agile practices such as XP, TDD, and BDD integrated into the process at different times as required. Having successfully delivered several large and small programs to various Federal Government agencies, we have adapted and perfected our agile approach to ensure mission success for our customers. We follow all agile ceremonies to ensure efficient and high quality product delivery and continuous value creation for our customers.

For agencies looking to deliver greater value to the business while lowering the operating costs of their software application implementations, Creative will collaborate with you to identify solutions that achieves your desired outcomes. Creative's expertise in leading edge technology, diagnostics and cloud-based options, our solutions uniquely deliver through understanding your needs and providing services - that span consulting, systems integration, database and infrastructure. These solutions go beyond traditional applications that address only part of the problem, but Creative's approach will lead faster time to value, productivity and quality improvements.

We offer access to cutting-edge technologies through industry-specific partnerships. From application integration to web services, our innovative services consistently exceed expectations. Our frameworks and methodologies continue to evolve, what remains constant is our commitment to customer success!