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Creative uses DevOps to automate the processes between software development and IT teams, to enable them to build, test and deploy software more reliably. Implementation of Continuous Integration(CI)/Continuous Development(CD) pipelines have resulted in faster release of functionality to customers and ability to solve critical issues quickly, and better manage unplanned work.

Creative has developed Continuous Integration(CI) pipelines using wide range of technologies like Jenkins as the CI tool to automate build process, run test scripts and display results using Cobertura Coverage Report and bundle them into package binaries and deploy to an Artifactory, staging environment.

Creative Systems has developed Continuous integration and Continuous Deployment for large number of applications. Deployment of application stacks varies from Java, Oracle ADF, C#, and DotNET applications. Continuous deployment included reporting solutions using Telerik Reporting, Crystal and JasperSoft Reports to name a few. Polling strategy is used to poll GitHub; a version control repository to start automated build process, when a code change occurs. Creative Systems is involved in deploying packaged solutions to various applications servers like Tomcat, WebLogic and IIS servers for auto deployment to development, test and productions servers at several Federal Agencies.