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UX Design

Creative's design methodology encompasses the "Design Thinking" principles of "empathize", "define", "ideate", "prototype", and "test". Our Design Approach is engrained in every aspect of our program, including pre-project planning, project execution, project delivery, and support.

  • Exploration: Creative's design approach starts with discovery and exploration or users' design needs, through user behavior and observation techniques, market and competitive data analysis, and market research & surveys.
  • Ideation: Upon completion of the exploratory and discovery phase where Creative uncovers the user-centric design needs and requirements, Creative team members, in conjunction with agency/project stakeholders brainstorm ideas on possible solutions, chart down story boards and user journeys, and categorize design needs into affinity groups or clusters.
  • Design/Prototype: Creative designers work on actual prototypes through wireframes, using the 5-layered design framework.
  • Validation: Creative designers and testers work with users to validate the designs that were prototyped in the design phase. This rapid and iterative prototyping helps in identifying design flaws and also early user adoption and buy-ins for good design, resulting in overall faster project execution & implementation cycle


Creative conducts thorough and extensive 508 Compliance testing of the design and applications using GSA and DHS guidelines and recommended tools for 508 compliance. Depending on the nature of the design and application, Creative uses the following GSA and DHS resources for 508 compliance testing: