Case management

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Case Management

With Case Management, an agency can simplify and streamline their customer service process. With Case Management you can automate the capability for each case to be immediately delivered to the right representative to ensure the quickest and most accurate resolution.

  • An agency can track their services from case intake to case closure
  • Allows you to record, track and solve customer issues across sales, service, and support
  • Allows you to create cases from an email, the web, or manually

This feature gives you a centralized location to track cases, and allows you to drill down to the client accounts and associated contact information. With Case Management you can send cases to their respective customer service representatives within queues or via assignment rules and escalations. Track the sales representative’s workload and also see the most common customer questions or feedback.

Easily attach solutions for quick responses or create new solutions for future use. Case Management allows for swift, automatic, and accurate customer service management.