Data calls

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Data Calls

Data Calls Management is a critical and essential piece of a government yet most current data calls processes are manual, cumbersome, inefficient, time-consuming, and redundant.

With Creative’s Data Calls Management, an agency can design data calls, create and launch data calls, gather and consolidate data call responses, report on data calls findings as well as export the findings for further analytics. Data Calls Management also enables data calls administrators to manage, follow up, and close data calls using a very intuitive, user friendly, and modern UI design that enhances collaboration, execution, and efficiency for data calls management across agencies.

  • Enables agencies to manage their Data Calls through intuitive “survey” process
  • Enhances collaborations between Data Calls administrators and responders
  • Integrates with report and dashboard capabilities as well as data call export for further analytics
  • Ability to drill down to track the details of each purchase you make, from the moment a purchase order is created until the invoice associated with it is paid.

The distinguishing factor between our Data Calls solution and other survey products is the ability to reuse the data calls and its components for subsequent data calls, which is where the agency administrators save a lot of time to focus on mission critical processes rather than non-value add activities.

This solution covers the entire data calls lifecycle and helps you make the data calls more intuitive, user friendly, and efficient. Its dashboard and report capabilities enhance the data that is maintained consistently and in a single repository. The ability to follow up with users in a couple of seconds without spending time and effort from the Admin side. All these make the user experience delightful!